Sunset... Bonus trip photo: Karlskirche, Vienna

Yesterday's sunset was nothing but magnificent:

PS. Just in case you're getting bored with the identical view, sorry, I'll grab my camera next week. At the moment, I'm stuck at home (until Monday) with mild pneumonia caused by mild case of swine flu. :(

Bonus trip photo: Karlskirche, Vienna - most people on short tours around Vienna miss this church because it's slightly out of the center. IMHO, this is THE church you should see and visit in Vienna:


  1. Gosh I do hope and pray you get well soon and over the pneumonia caused by the swine flu. I have had pneumonia twice and it isn't much fun. I hope I never get it again because my lungs are now in bad shape.

    Your two bonus photographs are really nice. I like both of them and the sky is really a nice color.

  2. The sky is a blazing colour. Wow.

    But the church is even more awe inspiring. I have just added Prague to my list and might have to include Vienna as well.

  3. Both your sunset colors and the heavenly church are over the top magnificent!

  4. These are just wonderful! Beautiful images. I hope you get better soon.

  5. @Julie - you might as well add Zagreb to your list then, it's only 3.5hrs away from Vienna! :)

    Thanks all for get well wishes...

  6. Wow! Great colours! And the second photo is also wonderful!

  7. Get well soon!
    The sunset looks beautiful. I love photos with the sky with those colours :)

  8. Visiting your blog today for the first time and loving the swan photos and this wonderful sunset.