Old age... Bonus trip photo: got some food?

My really old bird (12 years) is enjoying his time out of the cage. He can't fly anymore (his feathers have been in bad shape for the past two years), so he just sits there. The cage doors are open almost all the time, but he spends most of his time nowadays inside half-asleep or on this branch.

Btw, he's a canary & European goldfinch hybrid with most of his genes leaning towards the goldfinch - hates being held in hand, but loves being on a shoulder, same song as goldfinches,...

Bonus trip photo - again from Vienna's Schoenbrunn park, a squirrel waiting for food. They're quite friendly and will eat from hands if you have walnuts or similar. Its size is similar to their gray friends you can see at every US campus (which also means twice the size of a normal forest squirrel).


  1. Your "canary" appears to be in a nursing home already. I regularly visit my father in one, and your canary is exhibiting NH behaviours!

  2. @Julie - :) yup, I think he's been in one for the past 4-5 years...