At a conference...

I spent the whole day today at "Regional SAP BusinessObjects" conference. The setting was wonderful - in a restaurant, right at the entrance to the largest park in Zagreb, called Maksimir, which is also home to Zagreb's ZOO. The conference was a success, from interesting talks, to networking... Food and coffee were great too! ;-)

PS. This was taken by my Nokia N78...


  1. It looks like there was a seat for me right in front of you! Next time!

  2. Great shot for a cell phone. And I can understand why you enjoyed the conference. Sometimes, depending on where and what, they can be pretty awful!

  3. @ Leif - there were many seats around us empty! There was an A/C unit right above us, and people were fleeing it like mad. I'll save the seat for you next time :)
    @ Jacob - I remember those... :-/

  4. I am happy the conference was good. Otherwise it would be a bad experience.