Oil lamp... Bonus Vienna trip photo: slaying a dragon

A detail from Oro-goro pizzeria (see previous post): a lamp which uses petroleum... I remember my grandparents having a few of these in our holiday house in the mountains where the electricity would be unreliable during stormy weather.

Vienna and Zagreb have lots in common, and slaying dragon and snake-like creatures is one of them:


  1. That's quite a dragon slayer! Beautiful fountain sculpture.

    As for a petroleum lamp...you're not talking gasoline, right? Kaboom!

    We don't have pretty lamps like that but we have lots of various kinds of candles and flashlights in case we get hit by a hurricane and lose power for a few days.

  2. @Jacob - errr.. it's not the gas you use in cars... but it is a product derived from oil. We use flashlights and candles too (though I can't remember the last time we didn't have electricity). I don't know if anyone ever uses these lamps, maybe in some really in-the-middle-of-nowhere parts when snow or wind cause problems with electricity. I know I haven't seen it for at least 20 years.

  3. I love those old lamps! I've recently seen one that looks like that, but uses batteries and has a small light bulb in the center - very cool.

  4. @ Jaca - with a little bulb?! roflmao! :-D somebody was really nostalgic!