Oktogon... bonus trip photo: Sunset clouds

Oktogon is a name for the passage between Zagreb's longest street, Ilica (packed with boutiques and shops), and the "Flower square" (the real name of the square I believe is Petar Preradovic Square, but I could be wrong):

Most people forget to look up, and they're missing quite a bit. The central dome:


Bonus trip photo - taken a few moments before the lone boat photo in the previous post:


  1. The stained glass window is just fabulous!

  2. This is a beautiful photograph. I really like stained glass.

  3. I like taking that passage. Other than being a great place to hide from rain, there's always a smell of pancakes (crepes) in the air coming from a nearby crepe store, a street performer (usually a musician) and window shopping is quite satisfying too :)