Textures... Bonus photo: Mother's love

Most of my afternoon today was spent at a pizzeria, Oro-goro, some 30min drive up north from Zagreb, in a village Oroslavlje. This pizzeria is getting more and more popular among people from Zagreb, not only because of incredibly good pizzas, but also because of a large playground kids can use while the adults spend time talking... The rustic style of the setting makes this a wonderful place to spend an afternoon. Also, it creates many candid photo opportunities. :)

Very cool bar stools:

Small parts of tree trunks, used and children's chairs as well as toys (apparently, kids love to roll and push them around):

Bonus photo, Emina with her daughter:

PS. The photo was taken with Emina's consent, so please do not use/copy/post it without my permission!


  1. Beautiful mother-daughter photo!

  2. I've never seen bar stools like that...very creative although they don't look too comfortable...

    Emina and daughter are gorgeous and this is a superb portrait!

  3. The photo of Emina and her daughter looks so cute.

    I remember going to similar restaurants outside the city or on the road with my parents. There was even one who had a zip-line looking up to a lake.

  4. The last shot is so beautiful!

    Don't think I've seen chairs/stools like that before - how creative!

    First time here. I've bookmarked your blog and will be back again. Hope you'll stop by my blog!

    Shelley @ Shutterbug

  5. @all - thanks!
    @Jacob - I find most bar stools very uncomfortable :)
    @Shelley - welcome, I hope you enjoy it!

  6. Great shots, both the wooden textures and the b&w mother and child!

    Thank you for the link to your other blog. All shots are absolutely wonderful! I tried to post a comment there but I'm not sure I did it...

  7. @ JM - I checked, it didn't work. To make it easier: "Komentiraj" link below each post means 'comment' (as you have probably figured out), 'Korisnicko ime' you can put JM, and you leave 'Lozinka' empty, it should work then :). I'm glad you're enjoying my photos!