70yo door & hallway... and trip bonus photo: waves

Although I'm getting closer to the newer parts of the city and further away from the center, every now and then I enter these buildings dating from (pre-)WW2 (they're in a larger circle around the center, as well as in the center). Quite often their hallways show a mixture of visible aging and high quality construction work. Most of these buildings have had their "facelift" done in the past decade, and one thing remains common to all of them: interesting wooden doors with random metal patterns covering their small glass parts. This one is in a building on the square next to the Central train station (Glavni kolodvor):


Bonus trip photo: waves crashing on the island of Pag in the sunset (right before a storm - we don't get such waves normally):


  1. That first photo is so interesting. A beautiful door, to be sure, but I also like the window above which lets in a lot of light...I think this entry would be quite dark and dismal without it.

    The second photo is just superb. It looks like you slowed down the shutter speed to blur the waves up close. Excellent job!

  2. Very interesting doorway. I post a lot of doorways on my site too. The bonus photo is a real beauty, a great capture.

  3. Hi again, the previous comment was from my doppelganger, I think:)

  4. The bonus photo is... wow! It looks peacefully with the soft waves, but somewhat violent.