Life is a cartoon... Bonus Vienna trip photo: wavy floor...

Yesterday evening I went out with a good friend of mine for a drink and to grab a bite. We somehow managed to find a table in a restaurant called Nocturno, with tables places in the middle of a tiny uphill street that leads to the Cathedral. There's barely enough room for large groups of tourists to pass by on each side. Also, we were the only people in the restaurant speaking Croatian (other than the waiters). It's a good place to eat tasty food for little money (a portion is around 5EUR-10EUR)...

The scene with so many tourists enjoying their meal outside reminded me of a promotional cartoon I've seen somewhere... I guess this time life imitated a cartoon:

PS. The photo was taken again with my cell phone and the cartoon filter was applied using photobucket cool editing tools.

Vienna's bonus photo today is continued form yesterday topic - I lied down on the floor in order to get this shot and unevenness of the floor inside KunstHaus Wien, a building just a few blocks from the Hundertwasser house:

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  1. Love the effect in the first photo. I'd hesitate walking across that floor in the second photo as I'd probably fall on my keister!