Zagreb's "sea" - Jarun... bonus trip photo: Adriatic sea

Even though Zagreb is in the continental part of Croatia, we do have our sea. Technically, it's a lake, called Jarun - used as a rowing center, night clubs and best parties, recreation, celebrations or family time. Pick your fun...

Water temperature in the lake is probably anywhere from 25-27C, which is almost as much as it is outside... there are no more swimmers, because they officially closed the swimming/beach season, so there are no life-guards. Judging by the way this guy was swimming, he definitely doesn't need one.

I finally downloaded photos from my Dad's camera I took on the island of Pag this summer, so here's the real Croatian sea:

Btw, the camera is non-dSLR Sony DSC-H9...


  1. The pale blue of the water is just inviting me to take a swim. It is too bad that it is closed.
    Love the ripples in the last shot!

  2. Super photos! The sea and lake looks so calm.
    Here, it is almost impossible to swim. The water can get up to +15. The good thing is the great seafood though.

  3. Amazing blues whether it's lake or sea! Wonderful shots!