Just another street light? Bonus trip photo - bimmer in the sun

Newly restored street lights in the Old town show their golden glory:

"RH" stands for "Republika Hrvatska" which is the official full name for Croatia (literate translation is Republic of Croatia).

Bonus trip photo is mostly for my male readers and some women who like nice cars as much as I do ;-) (it also means I ran out of my trip photos - the others are still on my dad's camera):


  1. How did you know I wanted a BMW? But I think I have to save my money for a couple of hundred more years!

    Love the street lamp. What a great decoration!

  2. It looks very neat and classy.
    Oh, and that car... it's just a nice dream.

  3. Magnificent lamp post! Now it matches the gorgeous wall lamp and church roof!

  4. @ Jacob - :-) Now, now, a bit of luck and knowing where to get such cars for much lower prices also helps :-D (e.g. banks which are desperately trying to sell repossessed cars during the recession and have to lower the prices way below their market value :-)).

    I love the lamp post too and was pleasantly surprised when I saw it. It's nice to know that finally someone is paying attention to the city I love so much!