Catch me if you can! Bonus trip photo: a small crab

My friend's son, enjoying a day out and playing soccer:

Bonus trip photo is once again from Pag. These crabs come out on the docks and rocks near the sea to munch on sea algae. They can grow bigger in size, but these are usually from 1cm (less than half an inch) in torso width to up to 4-5cm (up to 2in). Even though they easily get frightened by sudden movements, they get used to us being there, so it normal for them to come to our feet and check to see if they're food too. Luckily, the claws are too small to grab us properly...


  1. Great shots!

    Shelley @ Shutterbug

  2. Those crabs reminded me of the ones I saw in Mexico. They reminded me of spiders. They were shy, too.

  3. Wonderful motion picture and great crab shot! Love the previous post too!