Night opera.... Bonus Vienna trip photo: St. Stefan Cathedral

My cell phone's camera has been active lately, mostly because I don't get home until very late at night and never remember to grab my camera... So here it is, a bit grainy and blurry night shot with my cell of the Croatian National Theater building:

Probably the most notable part of Vienna - St. Stefan Cathedral (I can thank my wide angle lens for this photo!):


  1. Well, number one is a darn fine shot with a cell phone and it looks like you took it through a car window, too!

    The second shot is magnificent; so well-composed, exposed and very sharp. A pleasure to look at!

  2. Both are magnificent buildings!

  3. Two wonderful photos. You should be very pleased.

  4. Thanks all.

    @ Jacob - it was taking during a walk in front of the theater, but I think my hand moved a bit while I was taking the photo. I would've preferred the sunny day for the Vienna photo, but this one emphasizes the church walls more than it would in the sun.