A bubble for an unborn child

About a month ago, our government passed the most backwards law they possibly could (and have outdone themselves, yet again; Catholic church had a huge role in this one!). They forbid unmarried couples to undergo any fertilization treatments. Also for those married couple who do, they state that only one egg can be used in the treatment, therefore minimizing the chances of fertilization. None of the eggs are allowed to be frozen, which means that a woman has to undergo hormone therapy and the procedure at least 3-5 times more often than normal. This puts woman's health in danger, as well as empties their pockets (the treatments are expensive and not covered by the general health care).

People in the photo were protesting against such a retarded and oppressive law, by blowing soap bubbles, each bubble representing a child who will never be born because of this law:


  1. We have a similar situation with the so-called "morning after pill" and the Church. There are even some attitudes that pisses me off from supposedly "openly conservative catholics politicans" that say "we are going to have an open discussion on abortion if I get elected" (sure... that's called using young voters to get more votes! mind you, abortion is illegal here). I think that this discussion (among many ones) are pure "byzantine discussions" and that instead, we should focus to create an effective sex education program to avoid unwanted pregnancies in teenagers and people who can't afford having another child in the family.

    I hope that made people aware of the situation! I can't understand if the Catholic Church calls itself "pro-life", be against this chance for people to actually have children (and they are willing to!). Probably Croatia is one of those countries where there is separation of Church and State, and that should be respected. Not everyone is Catholic there, I guess.

  2. I was saddened when I heard about that law, saddened for the couples whose hopes are being squashed, saddened for the women who have to undergo such treatment every time knowing their chances are so low... :(

  3. @ Cristobal - officially, the church and the state are separate, but unofficially, the Catholic church is incredibly strong. About 90% of Croatian people are or claim to be Catholic. The government hasn't yet forbid abortions, but have tried, with similar methods you described. This law is now being taken to the supreme court, because it's unconstitutional (discriminating between people on their relationship status).

    I absolutely agree with you on the better sex education, and not trying to convince hormone-crazed teens to practice celibacy. They can't even convince themselves to practice it!

    @ Jaca - I can't even begin to tell you how much all this angers me. I would like to see a priest undergo 5 hormone treatments at the level these are. Then ask him what he thought. The same is for all the men supporting this law. The most ridiculous thing is that Bajs (ministry of tourism) had his kid with the help of in-vitro fertilization, but he supported the law!!! Can he be more hypocritical!?!?!?

  4. The "Flat Earth Society" is at it again.

  5. I agree with B Squared. The ignorant imposing their view of their small world