Red roof tiles

Overlooking "Kaptol" neighborhood of Zagreb which center is the Cathedral:

A view of the central part of Zagreb from a famous promenade which turns into a lovers' lane after nightfall...


  1. Wonderful cityscape!
    Your red tile roofs look so much better than our more common galvanized iron roofs. They look awful when they're old and rusty.

  2. These are very pretty. I suppose they last a lifetime too. We use asphalt roof shingles here and they will last about 30 years before they need to be replaced.

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  3. @Hilda - :) I love the view every time I go there. Our residential areas and the newer part of the city have some sort of galvanized roofs but you can't really see them from anywhere. The cityscape you see here is mostly the older part of the city where they normally used the red tiles (clay-based, similar to ceramic), with just a hint of the new part in the background (skyscrapers and larger buildings). The red caly-based tiles are still used when building e.g. a family house, holiday house or smaller buildings with "normal" ^-shaped roofs.

  4. Abe - you're talking about the standard shingles? We have them too, though mostly in the continental part of Croatia, and the red tiles are still more common. Shingles cannot withstand strong winds at the seaside...

  5. That's simply amazing! Actually, I find sceneries that reflect village or town life as pretty. Going around taking pictures is a great way to see the beauty of the life in the area and the culture and traditions of the people. The red roofing tiles reflect the simple and uniform life of their people in the past. :)