The progression of a storm...

I had a wonderful plan for today to drive up to the top of Zagreb mountain, Sljeme, and take some panoramic view photos... well, this got in my way:

I think I've seen this movie....

They missed the Independence day this time...

I even managed to catch (accidentally) one of those between-the-clouds thunders:

Addendum - there's a light after the storm:

But people remained at home:


  1. Wow... and to think you are in summer. Still, those cloud shots look really good.

  2. I have to admit I'm not used to this weather. Summers here used to be dry, with barely a few thunderstorms in a couple of months. But now, I'm seriously thinking of growing bananas or coconuts... it's ridiculous... The temperature is high during the day and it's sunny (when we all have to be in our offices working....).