St. Marko's church and square

A probable photo you will find with Google on Zagreb will be of St. Marko's church and its roof - painted roof tiles represent two coats of arms. White castle on red background represents the coat of arms of Zagreb and the other one represents Triune Kingdom of Croatia, Slavonia and Dalmatia.

West entrance:

The square in front of the south side entrance used to be an open and flee (literally too ;-)) market in 13th century. At that time it was also a place where they had a "pole of shame" where all people indicted by the court were punished. In 1573. Matija Gubec was executed (crowned by an incandescent crown). He was a leader of a short-lived peasant uprising in Croatia against Franjo Tahy (a feudal tyrant). Although the uprising was suppressed within two weeks, this revolt and its personification in Gubec have endured as potent national symbols in Croatia.

Nowadays, the square and the church are surrounded by highest government institutions - the Parliament, the Government palace and the Supreme court.

The church has been renovated for the past 25 years and officially opened in March this year... this explains why I have never been inside yet...


  1. Beautiful looking city with such an interesting history.

  2. Beautiful shots, I love the first one - the clouds, the roof and the flag on the side, it all comes together so beautifully.

  3. Every angle, every shot - heavenly! How about a photo inside, too?

  4. @ Leif - check the previous post and reply to your comment :-))

  5. @ Jaca - I didn't notice the flag before you pointed it out... lol :).. I guess I'm so used to it there that it just slipped my mind (that's the Parliament building)

  6. @ Babooshka - I love it too... though I have to admit Seattle and its people stole my heart a few years ago when I lived there. But Zagreb is still no.1 for me ;-)

  7. Wonderful! Such great photos of wonderful place! I like this church and the roof of it with coat of arms! Beautiful entrance! Lovely!
    Ovo je lijep kraj grada:)

  8. A 25-year old renovation? Wow. No wonder it looks so good. Wonderful shots of a truly beautiful structure!