Everyone in Croatia is always going out "for coffee". It doesn't mean you'll necessarily have coffee - beer, wine, any drink really is an option... but the usual expression is "to go out for coffee". With numerous terraces and cafes sometimes it's a hard pick where to enjoy your drink, but due to the weather lately, it seemed the whole city chose today to have their "coffee" inside a mall called the Avenue Mall (yes, its name is in English):

The weather played a joke on all of us who chose to stay inside:

The blue building is our oil company headquarters and you can see the mountain Sljeme behind...


  1. I hate when you have planned to stay inside and there's actually good weather outside.
    I love going out for any kind of drink (I already did it today), and I sometimes don't mind it's cold outside to have cold drinks.

  2. I always have a capuccino when I go out for coffee :)) Did you take the first shot behind the table and the second one right in front of the window?

  3. @Cristobal - I think we were expecting one of those sudden storms like yesterday... :(

    @Jasminka - The first shot was with my lens almost pressed onto the coffee cup, and the second one was from the same distance from the window, just normally sitting up and at the larger zoom (probably 20mm, while the cup was @10mm)

  4. @Mo - errr, here we also go to pubs, but we call that "out for coffee" too :-D

  5. I love coffee and this would satisfy me with a view like this one you photographed. Nice work.