Killing a beast...

There are quite a few statues in Zagreb with men killing dragons, snakes and other beasts. This one is in the Old town, next to St. Catherine's church:


  1. Hi and thanks for visiting the Sunshine Coast!

    35 degrees you say, wow! It's winter here so to me the water seemed to look far too cold to jump in. On the other hand, Zagreb looks quite safe to me with guardians like this around the place!

    Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia

  2. Hmmm, that's an interesting fact. Makes me wonder why. Would love to hear or read your stories, I think.

  3. boy, does he look angry! the black and white shot reminds me of pictures in our old history textbooks :)

  4. Hi Mirela! Thanks so much for coming by Cedar Key DP and making a comment. It's hard with so many photo blogs, so your visit is much appreciated.

    And that led me here. You have a wonderful blog and I'm going to be back! This photo is excellent and shows off the sculpture very well...glad he's taking care of what appears to be a lethal snake!

    Have a great week.

  5. This statue became a part of the fountain in 1908. and it was created in 1906. in Rome (by a Croatian artist Simeon Roksandic). The official name is either "Fisherman" or "Struggle" (depends on who you talk to) and this particular statue, unlike the others, doesn't have any story connected to it... as far as I or Google know :)

    @all - thanks for visiting, I hope you're enjoying my photos as much as I enjoyed taking them and as much as I love exploring your towns and cities through your lenses.

    @Hilda, B^2 - I'll include the stories with other dragon-slaying statues, but the roots are in Croatian mythology as well as historical facts (The knights order of the dragon).

    @bitingmidge - :-D, yup, and wait till you see the knights we have walking around the city!

  6. @ Jaca - really? So bad? :-D I know exactly what you mean... that history book from 5th grade elementary school... did you also have that blue text book then which started with Neanderthals?

  7. Beautiful image of a strange statue with an interesting history.