The main cemetery in Zagreb, Mirogoj, is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe. It was designed by Hermann Bolle and boasts a monumental 500m long neo-renaissance arcade with 20 domes. Mirogoj Cemetery is also an open-air art gallery featuring works by famous Croatian painters & sculptors...

The main entrance:

The same entrance as seen from behind:

One of the sculptures:

A monument for the fallen WWI soldiers:

Detail in front of a tiny chapel in the middle of the cemetery:

PS. These are also your bonus photos until Sunday, since I'm going for a short weekend visit to the island of Pag.


  1. Wow, this cemetery looks and sounds more like a museum or art gallery! Amazing!

    Have a safe and wonderful trip!

  2. Your bonus photos are so beautiful. Wonderful architecture.

  3. It's a bit weird when I have friends over from different countries and start taking them around Zagreb. One of the stops is always Mirogoj, which most people find either weird or a bit morbid that I'd take them there. Luckily, once they arrive, they realize what a wonderful piece of architecture the Arcades are. Hilda, I agree, with numerous sculptures both on graves and near the pathways it's one huge museum set on hills of Medvednica (a 1000m high mountain; Zagreb's northern part) in a forest area.

  4. Beautiful Photos, magnific place.
    It is very romantic, isn't it?
    A bear hug.
    Beautiful blog. Congratulations.

  5. Wow... it is indeed a beautiful cemetery. I think most visit to cemeteries in a touristic context can't be morbid as long as people don't go around with saying "you can see ghosts here" or such things.

    I took a class on Christian Aesthetics, and I can see the influences on the chapel of the things I studied... specially the two towers in the façade, and the dome.

  6. Mirela, this is a beautiful cemetery. the first photo is gorgeous and the statute is so delicate and expressive. I am glad you enjoyed the photos on my site. The bird did hit hard but survived amazing as it is. Today I have an unique photo of Chihuly glass art that changes color at a certain time of the day based on the sun's rays. I also signed up as a follower on your site and look forward to more great photos.

  7. Wonderful photos and great details! I loved the sculpture of the woman holding the fallen solider! Looks like a wonderful place to visit!