Time machine: Dora Krupiceva and "Goldsmith's gold"

We're stepping back into Zagreb's 16th century - August Šenoa wrote a novel "Goldsmith's gold" (1871.) set at the beginning of the 16th century, which introduces a sad love story among Zagreb's turbulent historical events (uprising against Franjo Tahy - see previous 2 posts & comments, etc.). The main character is Dora Krupićeva, goldsmith's daughter, portrayed as hardworking, sweet-tempered, somewhat naive... she falls in love with Pavao Gregorijanec. Their love is filled with his father's hatred and disapproval, since his father hates Zagreb and all people from Zagreb. To make things worse, Dora turned down a marriage offer from Grga Čokolin (a mean, greedy, callous and ugly man). This proved to be a deadly mistake, as Grga poisons her.......

A statue of Dora Krupiceva can be found in a niche on the inner wall of the Stone Gate (one of the still-standing entrances to Zagreb's Old town). She's always portrayed as a woman carrying a tiny chest filled with gold:

Thanks to the Time machine event, you can also see and talk to her ;-) every Saturday from 5PM-8PM, somewhere in the Old town (it took us an hour to track the group):


  1. Is there a reenactment of the story, as well?

  2. I've never heard of a theater play but here might have been at some time... for this, no, they just walk around, talk to people and if they feel like it, get into their characters, but no real reenactment...

  3. Walking around talking to people, I have done that, but not in this type of outfit, seems like a fun idea!

  4. A great, great book!! A bit boring at the begining but I loved it when I finished it!! Especially the part when Pavao churses Klara and when Jerko and Miloš Radak (Love them!!) finally murder Grga!! Don't give up while you are reading it, believe me, you won't be sorry!!