Lookin' good!

These two crows come for their feathers check at least 5 times per day. The chimneys have shiny tops, and the crows first look at the reflection, then do a bit of cleaning the feathers, then check again their reflection... maybe take a nap and then go about their business. Very funny. :) Also, they seem to know it's their own reflection they're looking at (e.g. if they see in the reflection another crow approaching, they get extremely upset and chase away the intruder):


  1. Those are smart crows. And I guess they want to look good. Maybe they also think their reflection is another crow and they are trying to see if they can made it angry or something. It might be confused about it. I know up here that some birds are fascinated by seeing themselves in car mirrors.

  2. Abe - I've seen some amazing things done by crows and ravens... it'd be interesting to see if they can recognize themselves like dolphins do in a mirror. I know smaller birds are completely clueless (my bird freaks out every time he sees himself in a mirror). Bt they sure love the shiny tops! :)