Time machine park

As a bit of distraction from the time machine series, here are a few photos of the park called Zrinjevac (right smack in the center) where a part of the Time machine event is taking place:

South side of the park has a dozen or so statues of Croatian writers, artists, scientists...:


  1. what a beautiful park - you know, I'm really starting to like our time difference because every morning when I come to work I get to enjoy fresh new photos :)

  2. This is a very beautiful spot. It would be nice to just plot down there anywhere and listen.

  3. @ Jaca - LOL, so that means I have to be careful when I post :-D.

    @ Abe - yup, that's what tourists do - and they stick out from the crowd, because Croatian people never ever sit on the grass in parks in the center of Zagreb. I have to admit I love the idea of enjoying morning/afternoon on the grass in a park, and I used to do that while I lived in the US. Never did it here though...