Time machine: the history of a tie

Have you ever wondered who thought of an idea to make men wear ties? The French had an idea... and Croats made sure the word got around. Croatian men were a part of the French army. Since there were no official uniforms, Croats wore red neck ties as a distinguishing item among other soldiers. For some reason, Europeans loved it, started wearing it.......

Just in case you read the wiki, it's incorrect - king Louis XIV (born in 1638) was not the first one to wear a tie. A portrait dating in 1622 of Ivan Gundulic shows that he wore a neck tie. If you're one of the men who hate wearing ties, I guess you now know who to be angry at :-).

The photo shows two men dressed as soldiers in the 17th ct uniforms in front of the Croata store in Zagreb:


  1. If neckties were always loose like these, I think my husband wouldn't mind wearing them. But the way they're worn now, he does! ;)

  2. :-))) I have yet to find a man who enjoys wearing ties!

  3. Very interesting. These neckties are very loose more like a scarf, they look nice and would not be as restrictive as a usual tie.

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